About Us

Tops Fitness Management is everything you need to achieve a world-class fitness program.

We are a leading corporate and residential fitness management service provider that delivers specialized health and fitness programs. Through our innovative approach in designing, operating, and managing, we take pride in ensuring that our client establishments are at top-notch, producing healthier employees and residents. Tops creates customized scientific-based health management programs and provides you with an expert team of experienced professionals who will ensure optimum service for your company, as well as operation and maintenance of your facility. We provide expert marketing, including social media management and member/employee recruitment services focused specifically on the highest level of return of your investment.

Our mission is to exceed the standard of excellence; bringing an unparalleled level of innovation and performance to every client we work with. In partnering with Tops, we take all the necessary steps to give our clients top of the line service.

The Tops Difference

  • Residential and corporate fitness centers are often overlooked, neglected, and underutilized. The Tops difference is to overwhelmingly increase the value of and create a world class level of health for your facility or company.
  • Companies who require outsourced fitness facilities will be carefully guided through every step. We will ensure superior attention to detail, taking care of everything you need while you focus on running your business.



1. We will provide you with an array of top of the line services and programming.

We are a one-stop shop for all the health and fitness needs of your facility or company. Our teams of experienced staff have spent years of research to provide you with the very best in:

  • Personal and Group Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Motivational Programming and Contests
  • Lectures, Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Health Screenings
  • Spa Services
  • Industry-Specific Cleaning Services and Products
  • Quality Equipment Maintenance

2. We will be with you every step of the way.

We will provide you with a specific fit for your needs: operation, management, and maintenance service plan:

  • Complete set of staff for overall facility operation and maintenance;
  • Customized fitness and athletic trainings and programs;
  • Facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance;
  • Marketing, including social media;
  • Membership and customer relations/retention programs.

For companies with outsourced facilities, we will guide you through every process from finding the right facility to the entire setup of identifying and achieving fitness goals for you and your employees.

3. Excellent service is our top priority.

We don’t just provide you with all-around services. We ensure a world-class standard for every service we provide:

  • Industry leading fitness programs;
  • High-end facility design and maintenance;
  • Strategic and effective marketing campaigns;
  • Proven member recruitment, satisfaction, and retention program;
  • Highly-trained staff to keep your business on top; and
  • Surgical level of cleanliness for your facility.

4. We value your residents and employees.

Our highly trained staff we accommodate all the needs of your residents/employees and will guide them throughout the course of their program or visit. All services and facilities Tops Fitness Management has setup for your company will be explained and individual attention is provided to give them the best experience. Our individualized fitness programs will allow us to develop a long and healthy relationship with all of your residents/employees. Our objective is to make your wellness center and company a home that will confidently push every individual towards their self-development goals.

5. We execute your facility or programs plans and goals.

We will work closely with you to ensure your needs and visions for your program are attained. Our team of skilled professionals will customize the design, operation, and offerings of your health and fitness programs and facility based on your goals and pain points. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

6. Our expertise has additional benefits.

Access to the best-priced fitness equipment, quality supplies, and maintenance.

We have built quality relationships with fitness centers as well as vendors and distributors in the industry that allow us to access the very best in pricing for facility usage, equipment, supplies, and maintenance.

Equipment Mastery

Learned tricks of the trade allow us to improve the performance and life span of the equipment in your facility.

Your business is treated like our business.

Protecting all aspects of your investment, maintaining excellent standard of service, and providing maximum ROI for your company is our specialty.

Very best trainers

Our coaches are carefully handpicked and top of the line. They can offer expert advice as well as a fun and satisfying workouts that have proven results.

Trending Programming

  • Small Group Training
  • Injury Prevention Workouts
  • Nutrition Planning
  • High Performance and Mindset Coaching

Integrating Programs such as on-site Fitness Classes & Health Coaching, Wellness Lectures, Employee Health Challenges, and more.

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